1. Goodbye

From the recording Tough Road

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Good by mi nah come back again
Down inna this plays mi nah happy mi friend
Well police and soldier them nah love Jah
Wanna lock the Rasta couse off ganja

Still them ignore we are The roots and culture.
Jah made the herbs very before the man some oder places got them
Coffe shops well instead of coffe them bring you ganja
Got ganja trhouse and a ganja T-shrt got ganja movie and a ganja cartoon
Got ganja farm and a ganja factory
And you still wanna lock down the youth a tell you seah
Hos gonna pay for all injustice donne
Somany people them are dead and gone
Olipa ganja familys them dead and gone
And you seat and lough on your throne why


That is just not fare that you can just blaze it open air
Alsewhere you forbid it and every time we wanna smoke it
We haffi hide it tell you she


Ho nah