1. Mystic Book

From the recording Tough Road

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Mystic Book


Got to dismystify your book, right now!
Got to dismystify your roots, right now!

Some of them open from back to front
Some of them open from front to back
Some of them not even know the book
Some of them love the words they see
And then come for I and speech
Would never weaked man teach I and I, Jah!
Vampires, that's what they are!
All vampires, sucking the blood of the nation!

And culture

I'm not blind, Jesus wasn't blond 2x
I know where I belong
Jah Jah provide this earth for I man live in peace
Jah provide some bradas witch I so blind
And this bradas have been making my way so hard
That's why I ask
are they not listening yeah!
Are they not feeling irie!
Why they don't wake up?!

Vampires, yes that's what they are
All vampires, sucking the blood of the nation