1. Bad Time

From the recording Go And Tell The World

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Hey yo let the ghetto youth know seh

Babylon never give we bread. Sim Ras Haitrm

Them are trouble d youth. Babylon trouble the youth.

That’s why mi haffi warn all d youth

Specially the African youth yeah

Them a trouble the youth yea. Babylon targets the youths

That’s when have them youth yea

Bad them brother Bad them sister

Be fire brother mi seh, be fire sister

armagedon time,war and crime, be fire brother me she, be fire sister mi she

government tell them vampires, all of them are just criminal yes

Burn your kush, burn it up inna rizzla

I want see them ghetto youth dem wiser

Watch out what you eating, watch out what you wearing

The anti-Christ is shaking the tail

East west north and south worshiping the beast


I don’t want to hear no Hollywood stories

I don’t want to hear no Vatican stories

I don’t want to hear no Babylon stories

All I want to hear is jah jah children glory

Tell the food program we don’t want that

Bio manipulated seeds we can’t plant that

Bio manipulated food we can’t nhyam that

Them opinion, our decision go away yo bomboklat