1. Wolrd Peace

From the recording Go And Tell The World

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I still believe, oh yea see
Even them say I am too naïve
World Peace, I am too young and naive
Ras Haitrm still believe it is possible to achieve
World Peace. I don’t know about them preachers them, about leaders them
But I still believe in World Peace

I know you want to live long, wanna stay strong, don’t want to be dead and gone
Peace… If you know what I mean please show me that you in
I honor and take care of mother, do the very same to father and brother
Praise King Selassie, don’t you ever curse him

Watch the books you read ‘cause some of them not real bwoy
Warmonger still dividing we now full so we keep uniting
With no regarding of face or race, rasta united every single face
We here so we should glorify
We here that’s the main purpose of mankind
We here, rasta vision saw the nation, we will never perish