From the recording Go And Tell The World

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Unless you know that its not for long
Oh yea there Jahbar I and Ras Haitrm the African
Remove yo
Si si si
Its not for long its not for long
I tell you say you babe my pain is strong
Its not for long its not for long
I tell you ‘cause jah time has come

Pirates on the sea without no destination
Brought into my land the wicked civilization
With their speech about religion they fool you
I tell you that almighty jah belongs to no religion
They forbid the ganja plant in this young nation
Stole my seeds and then they made their own plantation
Packed blacks in the ship couldn’t fit no needle
Pay attention, they still on the with steel

They made my past overcast until you see them stole my roots and culture
(Chorus) its not for long its not for long jah knows my pain is strong
(Jahbar I) jah time at the right time.. Could there never be the wrong time
Jah always on time. Not follow back the mankind
Jah governed the thing. I mean I am ok and that’s fine

Blessings overflow, and you can feel it, yes, in your spine
Haha haha haa suffering the ease of gang ha haha
No skin teeth, no laugh
Hahaha babylon get cut off
Move them like the wind and chuff
Jah jah a the father
Jah jah a the king

And from the beginning jah rule over everything
Some bwoy fi know seh jah have perfect timing
Tell them now ras haitrm
It's not for long